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Our Edge
  • A carefully planned academic syllabus,activities, songs and art projects so your child is continuously offered fresh activities to make learning fun and stimulating.
  • Puppet Theater and Story Telling that inspires the imagination and at the same time help in forming a system of values and an understanding of different people and their lives around the world.
  • Conversation is an essential pre –reading activity. Each time we talk to a young child, we will be reinforcing his understanding of the language and introducing a new vocabulary and concept to him.
  • Physical activity in Play Area, Skating, Swings and Slide, Ball Pool, Sand & Water play develop physical co-ordination and a healthy body.
  • Stage performance with carefully chosen themes help children not only learn cultures around the world but help boost their confidence levels.
  • Offers seven stimulating Learning Centers including Math & Manipulative, Science & Sensorial, Reading & Listening, Montessori, Dramatic Play, Construction & Design and Creativity Art Incorporates hundreds of new books that are used during group activities as well as in the Seven Learning Centers.
  • Weekly lesson planning in which the teacher selects a daily focus for your child.
  • Portfolios kept for each child to gather and display all their work throughout the year – includes your child's Development Progress Chart.
  • Promotes social, emotional, cognitive, verbal, and creative development offers "Interest" Centers where your child can chose to participate in several learning – based activities – Book and Storytelling Center, Creative Arts Center, Water and Sand Center, Play station and Games Center, Puzzles and lock Center.,

7 C'S

At Shri Ram Global School we believe that learning must lead to an awareness and recognition of one’s individual sensibilities, and to the development and moulding of character, whereby one’s dignity and self-worth is enhanced.
Our fervent endeavour is to ensure that each student is endowed with the 7Cs, veritable hallmark of every true Shri Ram student which are:
Confidence : Students passing out of Shri Ram institutions are extremely confident and exhibit tremendous belief in themselves and their abilities to attain the impossibleby taking up leadership positions in business, governance and philanthropy.
Critical Thinking : Critical thinking is a composite faculty of the intellect that reasons, questions, conceptualizes analyses and applies. Shri Ram student is encouraged to develop this skill even in the Early Years.
Collaboration : Shri Ram students learn collaboration, that is working together to achieve a common goal, a very necessary 21st Century requirement. It equips them with interpersonal skills, courtesy, patience, deeper understanding and sharing skill.
Curiosity : Shri Ram students are endowed with a disposition to inquire, investigate and seek after knowledge. This quality is developed by encouraging them to ask questions to satisfy their inquisitiveness, instead of being passive learners.
Creativity : Shri Ram students are immensely creative in their approach to any problem. Creativity is the process of bringing something new into being. Creativity requires passion which is found in abundance among Shri Ram students.
Compassion : Compassion is the basis of all morality and Shri Ram students are compassionate which helps them grow as good human beings. It is a virtue by which one shows emotional capacities of empathy and sympathy for the suffering of fellow human beings, regarded as a part of love itself.
Commitment : Commitment is the willingness to dedicate time and energy to something that one believes in, and sustain it to completion. Shri Ram students are committed towards any job, cause or activity they undertake in their life.

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